Just the weigh you are…

A couple of days ago I found this:

And it made me think.

I gained weight. And I have to tell myself every day that this is okay. Every time I think something like  “I hate my fat thighs”  I have to tell myself one thing:

If I start to diet again, I WILL relapse, this is something I know for sure. And if I relapse, I will be so unhappy again, risk my friendships, relationship, my health, my happiness and my life. And I don’t want that.

I have to learn to like myself just the way I am. Because I am not worth less than anyone around it just because I gained a couple of pounds.

What do you tell yourself when you struggle with your weight and look? How do you encourage yourself to go on? I’d love to read!


10 thoughts on “Just the weigh you are…

  1. Hey 🙂
    If I struggle I most of the time talk to my boyfriend or try to ignore the voice in my head until it shuts up again. On “bad days” I try not to look in mirrors for too long which helps me to accept me the way I am. If it gets so bad that I can’t bear it anymore I remind myself, that tomorrow is another day and it will get better. As time went by those bad thoughts have also decreased.

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  2. Hello love! When I am struggling with my appearance I usually first remind myself that my view is distorted and I don’t see myself the way that others see me. When it comes to my weight, I try to remember that weight fluctuates…it does not always stay the same because we are human beings, not robots. Keep up the good work! xx

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  3. I’ve been continuously gaining, even past what was considered to be the healthy weight or what not and honestly it hasn’t been all too hard for me. I thrive on hearing comments from people saying “you look so good” “I’m happy you’re eating more again” … That’s how I know that there’s no turning back anymore.

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  4. Something that really helps me when I’m feeling insecure about having a bit more weight on me is looking up images of curvy women that make me excited about gaining weight, such as Marilyn Monroe, Christina Hendricks, or Kim Kardashian. Then I’m like, “Heck yes to more weight and curves!”

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  5. puhhh schwierig! Ich sage mir das alles in Ordnung ist. Meine Mama ist nicht so zufrieden, denn sie hält mich für zu dünn und findet ich mache zu viel Sport. Tja, es ist schwierig sich selbst zu akzeptieren aber ich bin endlich zufrieden. ich mag mich im Moment echt so wie ich bin 🙂

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