It’s not a straight line…


What to say? Yes I’m back. Yes I’ve been struggling. But that’s it. I am back.

I heard the sentence “you have to chose recovery every single day” very often. But I never realised what meaningful sentence it is. I always gave up on recovery, as soon as I started struggling. But that’s not what it’s about. 

I didn’t do that within the last two weeks. I woke up and survived. Somehow. But I didn’t live. I’ll turn 19 in 2 days and I have wasted about 6-7 years being unhappy and refusing help. This has to stop!  

As soon as I have moved (in october I’ll start to study social work at university) I’ll look for medical & psychological support. I have constant physical & mental pain, so to speak. I will have to admit that I can’t make it through this alone. 

  This is so true somehow…

  This is what I have to learn…


 I am super grateful for my friends, but now as everyone moves away to an other university it’s tough…

  Sorry for being childish, but I loved these pics ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Yup, this post is quite vague, not very emotional, not going into details and rather short. But at least I came back to my RECOVERY blog. Because I believe it will be worth it!


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