Hi everyone!

I haven’t been blogging in a while, I just couldn’t find the time & words… I still have a list of topics I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t manage finishing any of the posts yet.. 

Anyways, let me give you a short update about what’s going on:

• Yesterday I received the Results of My written a-levels exams and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Math wasn’t good at all but I knew tht before, I just hate maths … 😋

• The  Next week will be stuffed: my oral exam (LAST EXAM IN MY SCHOOLTIME!) will be on wednesday or thursday. That’s fine. On tuesday / wednesday & thursday I’ll have ballet rehearsals. On friday / saturday & sunday I’ll have ballet performances. Oh and this week on friday I have ballet classes, on saturday another rehearsal and somewhere inbetween I should prepare my oral exam. So please excuse me if I will not find much time to blog … 

• Within the last couple of months I always experienced pain and bloating after meals, not after every meal but after so many. I felt super unwell and I couldn’t figure out any reason, so I thought of it as some psychosomatical crap that my ED had caused. Now, after I told my mum, she observed the whole thing for a while and we found out that I am probably lactose-intolerant. After buying lactose-free products, things became better. Not so cool, but yeah, finally I know the reason for it, AND I can do something against it.

• I gained a little bit of weight. After being ill last week I had lost weight and I gained back a little bit of it. Still insecure how I should feel about it. 

So these are the most important news atm ☺️ 💕 I’ll try to post soon again but as you could see, I have a lot of crap going on… 

Hope you have a good time! Stay strong 🌸💕

  I just tried out making a Cappuchino with lactose-free milk: It’s delicious ^_^


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