I can do that :) 💪

Today I will be alone at home all day. My parents & brother left for (I don’t even remember), so I have to take care of myself on my own. Something I tended to be very bad at. Usually my mum cooks, I eat, when I’m alone, I binge, Restrict, eventually purge. But that’s not the way it should be. 

And: now I have a blog! So why not put some ‘what I do/eat’-posts online? 😀 When I want to take pictures of what I eat I HAVE TO prepare something for myself 👍  


So let’s begin … 


I decided to start with something healthy, easy to prepare and yummy to eat: Smoothie 🙂 at the moment liquid calories seem to be a little ‘easier’ for me. 

  Ingredients: 1 apple, 1/2 a banana, 2 nectarines and a little bit of water

  What a metaphoric apple: beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside…Replaced it with a granny smith 😍

  I put all of it in a blender, adding water, and blending. Actually banana was one of my biggest fearfoods but yesterday I had a half, and another half today 😃💪🎉 challenge accepted  

I prepared enough smoothie for 1 1/2 glasses. BIG energy kick 🙂  TADAAAA: it was super delicious 🙂 (yup it’s peppermint on top. I don’t eat that 😛 but whenever I look at recipe posts, everything is so beautifully decorated ;P) 

  Enjoyed it in the garden 😀 #selfietime 😉 

Later my best friend will come over (after I made lunch for myself) and I promised to make smoothies for the both of us again 🙂 will be fun 🙂 

Have a nice day and see you later ^_^ 


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