yes. I am struggling again. I guess I’ll have to try again tomorrow. Just so much stress atm. So many insecurities. So many changes. I can’t really deal with that. But I’ll try to be back on track soon…

Stay strong everyone ❤️ 



Sorry for not posting but…

… I am in so much stress atm.

Today I had my last exam (SCHOOLTIME OVER WOHOOO) went pretty well, I’m happy with all the results.

Also we had the LAST ballet rehearsal today. Soooo excited for the performances On friday/ saturday/ sunday… I’m so happy to be able to dance again! My ED will never ever again stand between me and ballet, I promise!! 

I love the life behind and on stage and I will rock this last performances! 

Stay Strong everyone! 

Remember: Food is fuel for your dreams, not an enemy!!! 



Hi everyone!

I haven’t been blogging in a while, I just couldn’t find the time & words… I still have a list of topics I wanted to talk about, but I didn’t manage finishing any of the posts yet.. 

Anyways, let me give you a short update about what’s going on:

• Yesterday I received the Results of My written a-levels exams and I’m quite happy with the outcome. Math wasn’t good at all but I knew tht before, I just hate maths … 😋

• The  Next week will be stuffed: my oral exam (LAST EXAM IN MY SCHOOLTIME!) will be on wednesday or thursday. That’s fine. On tuesday / wednesday & thursday I’ll have ballet rehearsals. On friday / saturday & sunday I’ll have ballet performances. Oh and this week on friday I have ballet classes, on saturday another rehearsal and somewhere inbetween I should prepare my oral exam. So please excuse me if I will not find much time to blog … 

• Within the last couple of months I always experienced pain and bloating after meals, not after every meal but after so many. I felt super unwell and I couldn’t figure out any reason, so I thought of it as some psychosomatical crap that my ED had caused. Now, after I told my mum, she observed the whole thing for a while and we found out that I am probably lactose-intolerant. After buying lactose-free products, things became better. Not so cool, but yeah, finally I know the reason for it, AND I can do something against it.

• I gained a little bit of weight. After being ill last week I had lost weight and I gained back a little bit of it. Still insecure how I should feel about it. 

So these are the most important news atm ☺️ 💕 I’ll try to post soon again but as you could see, I have a lot of crap going on… 

Hope you have a good time! Stay strong 🌸💕

  I just tried out making a Cappuchino with lactose-free milk: It’s delicious ^_^

Skittles can be inspirational

When you buy a package of skittles (at least here in germany) you can find a small quotation on it, something like ‘no two rainbows are the same, enjoy the different colours…’blablablah-buy more skittles whatever 😜 advertising stuff. 

Well, But that’s not my point (maybe you already realised that I’m a huuuge fan of useless introductions)

Inspired by that I created my first own edit and quote for this blog: 

Hope you like it ^_^ 💕

(I did that before, on instagram, but that wasn’t for recovery… So yeah. This is something completely new for me ^_^)