What is going on in this world..!? – The paracetamol challenge 

Recently I read a blog post about this topic ( awesome blog, you can check her out too 😉 Recovering Anorexic Fashion Addict https://recoveringanorexicfashionaddict.wordpress.com/ ) and I was SHOCKED! 

The paracetamol challenge 

 “The challenge results in young people daring each other, through Instagram and Facebook, to take excessive amounts of paracetamol and this is a matter of great concern.”

ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS? I am still speechless when I read it again. 

Young people who should be preparing for life, having fun and dreaming dare each other just for some stupid challenge To take painkillers ‘en mass’ so to speak. 

Around the world, people die in war, kids die from starvation, human beings are homeless because of natural catastrophies, and what do we do in the western world?!? Paracetamol challenge?! This Is extremly DECADENT! 

Sure, anorexia is somehow  decadent too, and pro-ana (I’ll talk about it some other day) is so darn idiotic too but for me this challenge is in the top 10 list for super idiotic firstworld Decadent ideas. 

Are we so bored from having everything we need? Or has our society become so cruel because they are bored? How far have we come that kids starve themselves into hospital to get the attention of their parents? 

I personally hate it when somebody says ‘oh look at her, she’s only cutting/starving/… For attention… What an attentionseeker!’ I always answer with the same question because I HATE the word attentionseeker:


So as you can see: there are two points of view in my mind. But in both you can only blame the western consumption / fun / Entertainment society. 

I am sorry for becoming a little philosophical / political  today 🙈 but things like that just make me angry. 

I just feel like nobody appreciates anything. People only see what they DON’T have.. All this ingratitude makes me feel sick. Really. At the moment I really try to just concentrate on my teeny tiny world because when I look outside I feel so lost. Lost in a world where faith is only a tattoo, being polite is so out of fashion and where people who are interested in politics and ethnical / philosophical things (outside school) are as rare tigers due to the destruction of their natural habitat. Yes, both die out. 

Well enough for today I guess I could talk for hours 😛 i’ll add some newspaper quotes about the challenge below. Wish you a wonderful day! Enjoy the little things and remember to be grateful 🙂

xXx Katharina ❤️



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