Wohoo I love it ^_^ 

 Okay sorry for this kinda random post but I’m so in love with this dress 😀   

Today my Mum bought me the dress for my graduation party 🙂 I’ll be done with school by the end of june and there will be one last party and I’m going to wear this amazing dress ^_^ It’s cool to have your A-Levels but this dress…😍

Okay stop it here. I’m really not a superficial person and I hate shopping, but wearing these old-fashioned 50’s styled dresses makes me just happy. I feel like myself wearing something like this, I feel like a pretty young woman which is a thought that does not occure too often 😉 that’s why I freak out about it that much 🙈 

I already have a similar dress, its red and has longer sleeves and it has black dots on it AND  I also love to wear it! 

I know this post is random and maybe uninteresting and probably my language is horrible because I’m tired but I just wanted to share this second cause of joy today with you 🙂

Good Night ❤️


12 thoughts on “Wohoo I love it ^_^ 

      1. I got a similar dress for my sisters graduation coming up. My style is soooo different from a lot of people’s I feel like. Your right though-we just need to ignore it! If it makes you feel beautiful other people’s judgements can just be disregarded:)

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      2. And sometimes that’s the hardest ones to ignore. But wear that dress with confidence because it’s stunning and no one including you should be able to take that away 😊

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