How I saved my day

Hey everyone 🙂

To be honest: 30min ago you would have read a very negative post. Because 30min ago I felt very down. 

But: I did something I will now tell you about. And it is amazing how it works.

I wrote 3 texts. Not too long but very honest. In 2 of them I wrote why I am grateful for having my two best friends, one letter was adressed to my boyfriend. I wrote why I am glad to have them, just a couple of kind words. After finishing I actually decided to share these 3 texts with the people they were about because I wanted to let them know how much they mean to me… You can’t imagine how happy I felt after that! This action made me think about the positive things in my life and sharing it with my besties has just made it better! My mood has drastically increased even though the weather has gotten worse! 



To explain: I have re-downloaded an app called ‘Happier’ which is a community for happy moments. It reminds to share at least 3 things / day that makes you happy. In the app I read about gratitude and there was a link to a video in which they explained a happiness experiment. In the experiment people were asked to write down things about a person they are thankful for in their life, someone who has made an impact on it. They didn’t know what for so they started writing quite long texts. After they finished the guy who started the experiment asked them to call the person they wrote about and read their text out loud. The results were amazing: people felt happier after this call. A lot happier (they seem to have tests to measure happiness… I don’t exactly know how that works but it doesn’t matter here;)) 


I wish you a wonderful day 🙂 stay strong! 🌸💕


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