Being grateful is so important 

hi everybody 🙂 

 I decided to start posting things I am grateful for, because there are so many beautiful moments in every day if you look for them

Yesterday for example: at the moment I cannot eat normally because if my tooth. I basically live on babyfood, soups and oatmeal as I am not allowed the eat anything that contains milk and I can hardly chew. So when I went to a BBQ Evening with my boyfriend yesterday I was kinda upset because I couldn’t eat all the yummy things over there… Lots of super delicious salads and treats, but I couldn’t eat them… But my boyfriend, lovely as he is, organised some grilled eggplant for me 🙂 I loved it! 

Small things like this can really improve the day. You just have to look for them and appreciate them… That’s what I’ll try to do more. 

Some of you leave very kind comments on my posts, I’m also very grateful for that, thank you so much 🙂 

Right now I’m sitting outside on a bench, went for a little walk with the dog, and it’s so beautiful out here: Nature is also something I am very grateful for: I always have to possibility to just go into the forests, as we live very close to them. It helps to sort thoughts out and the loneliness doesn’t bother me at all, no, it actually helps me calm down a lot. Especially when the atmosphere at home is unbearable… 

I wish all of you a wonderful day! 

Stay strong! Xx


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