Shut up (TW!)


shut up

Keep quiet

Don’t say too much

Every word could be too much


Hide your feelings 

They don’t matter

Just don’t say a word

Longing for it




I miss you

Please don’t leave me

Already so lonely

More pain 

Every word could be the wrong one

I want to scream but I can’t say a word

I want to cry but I fake a smile

I feel so lonely yet surrounded by people

Painkillers, what dose is too much?

I don’t remember all the pills I took

I want to keep quiet

I have to scream

What am I here for?

Don’t talk to me

I could hurt you

I don’t want to but I could

I am just so lonely

Weak and alone

Nobody cares

I don’t care.


7 thoughts on “Shut up (TW!)

  1. Great writing…but I care :). I wrote something similar a while ago on my blog and I was surprised to receive support from people who I barely know and never met in person. But anyways people do care. <33. Hope your alright!!

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