Recovery is worth it

I have realised that my last posts all were quite negative. I am really sorry for that… I’ll try to change That πŸ™‚ 

Today I thought I might come up with a list “why I want recovery”. To remind myself  (and maybe you too) why it is worth it.

Do it for…

…being a healthy, happy mom for the kids that I may have in the future.

…the ability to go swimming with friends and not feel bad about myself.

…all the people that constantly worry about us.

…being able to just order the dessert you like most and enjoying it.

…relaxed evenings with friends , dining out or cooking with them.

…being able to walk through the whole day and not feel too weak or tired for it.

…getting up in the morning and not being afraid of the day.

…helping other people because I am strong enough to do so.

…being able to try out new foods and decide wether I like them because of the taste, not the calories in it.

…finding my true self that is burried below all the crap my disorder tells me to be.

…having ice cream with my best friends in summer and not having to fake laugh.

…my boyfriend.

…all the yummy foods you could try when travelling.

…one day maybe being able to get up in the morning and not feeling pain.

…many more sunrises and sunsets that reflect the beauty of nature and its creator.

myself, because I’m worth it.

β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’  β€’

I wish all of you a wonderful day ❀



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