Good Night?!

recently my nights have been very short and i’m tired & weary all the time… I mean, many young people can get along with only 4-5hours of sleep but I need more. 7-9h and I’ll be fine. Is it really so unnormal to need sleep? Am I so strange? My mood is bad when I don’t sleep enough. I feel weak and exhausted so easily. ANd this week has been horrible, I had 5-6h sleep at night and I feel miserable. 

I’m sorry for not posting very much at the moment but I’m not doing so well. My diet consits mostly of yogurt, ice cream, oatmeal/ porridge and mashed potatoes because my tooth hurts a lot. Tomorrow it will be pulled out and I’m actually very afraid of this. I take painkillers in high doses but it doesn’t really help that much. I try to make up for the missing calories drinking fruit juice but its hard for me to choose those with a high amount of sugar, my ED does not allow me to… 

Sorry for negativity but I’m just so done and wanted to be honest… I’ll not give up, I just need to sleep more & better…:) today my boyfriend will stay with me, he always cheers me up a little 🙂

Wish you a wonderful day! ❤

Katharina xx 


8 thoughts on “Good Night?!

  1. Katharina,
    You definitely arent crazy for needing more sleep than you are getting. I am in the same position and have only been getting about an average of 5 hours of sleep a night. I wake up feeling so unrested and am exhausted during the day…About getting your tooth pulled-ugh! I HATE the dentist. I have been having to go practically every week recently and it’s a nightmare. Have you thought of making fruit smoothies with yogurt? I know I drank a lot of those when I got my wisdom teeth out. And remember ED is such a bitch; try not to listen to it! (easier said than done I know). Anyways, take care!

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    1. Aww claire you are so kind … I don’t like the dentist too 😛 i mean, who really does? Poor you, every week??? Omg 🙈
      The fruit smoothies sound like a great Idea.. !
      I’ll try not to listen… Thank you ❤
      Your words did really cheer me up before my appointment thank you so much ❤

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