Let me explain this…

You might wonder what meaning this picture  has. It’s not me, first of all. 

Actually I have no idea who this woman is. I found this picture on another website and it immediatly became the #1 motivational picture for my recovery. (You may have already noticed that I like these positive quote pics a lot 😉 ) This picture has a special meaning to me. The woman had an eating disorder and recovered. That’s all I know about her. She had an ED and look what a beautiful daughter she has! She has made it through and now has a little, super cute girl in her life! 

One of my most important reasons for recovery is that I realised that one day I want to be a mother too. I realised it after something more or less troubling happened:

About 1 1/2 months ago I was way overdue with my period. It was about 1 week too late and I was already worrying about being pregnant. Yes I say worrying because it was the week after my A-Levels exams AND I was absolutely convinced that I never wanted to have kids until that point. Absolutely! But when my boyfriend and me were waiting for my period, I realised that I was actually happily excited and I wasn’t afraid of it. Maybe also because my boyfriend reacted so supportive and kind (he was so lovely and accepted it without any word of ‘no I don’t want to believe that!’), but I think during that time I realised that the “real me” was so happy with the thought of a little human growing inside me. I think it has been part of my character but I didn’t allow myself to want kids. I did a test and it was negative and I realised that I was unhappy with this result. Sure, it’s been the absolutely wrong time of my life to have a kid but I think I found a part of myself during that days of insecurity. 

That’s why I like this picture so much! It shows me that it is possible to overcome an eating disorder and be a good, strong and healthy mom. 

Stay strong! ❤

xx Katharina xx 


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