I want to be invisible right now

today had actually been a good day. School was okay, had lunch with my mum, met 2 friends afterwards and yeah. Just okay.

But now. In the evening. It started with dinner. Arguments over arguments at the table. My brother, my mum, my dad. I said something. Usually I keep quiet and disappear as soon as possible. Today I felt like I could also add some points to the discussion. Big mistake. My brother ended screaming at me, my dad left the table, pissed as always, and right now I hear my mum shouting at my bro. Really made my mood go down. It’s so hard to stay positive within this. So damn hard. Well let’s call it impossible. To be honest. 

I tried to be okay with the food I had for dinner. I even ate the yummy yogurt with honey that has 10% fat, I used to even avoid those with 3,5%. And now after all the arguments I feel bad for it and for the ice cream. Hard to enjoy your meal in such a setting.

I hope tomorrow will be better… It just has to be.

Good Night! ❤ Stay strong ❤



8 thoughts on “I want to be invisible right now

  1. That sounds awful. Whenever I’m in an argument with my family, I try to remind myself that they are in charge of their reactions, and it’s not your fault. take some deep breaths and maybe try to enjoy a quiet cup of tea. xxx

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      1. sometimes it is better to keep our mouths shut… while other times it is necessary for us to speak up. It’s just hard to figure out what to do each time. It’s okay to make mistakes, you just have to learn from them xx

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  2. It sounds like such a tough situation. Arguments with people are never easy, but when it happens over the dinner table it can be detrimental to someone recovering from an eating disorder.
    Try and remember that the food you have eaten is important for healing your body, it desperately needs the nutrition.
    As you say – stay strong.


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