I found this text on a blog I like a lot and wanted to share the thoughts with you. I found myself in that text. It’s true for me too.

Wandering to Freedom

If there is one thing that has hindered my recovery, it would be comparing myself to others.

Many people around me are not very well mentally aswell and it is hard to focus on your own recovery. When i am in a positive place, sometimes others wont be. So i will see their freshly self-harmed arm or them not eating and it makes me feel bad for trying to recover. It is the most weird messed thing but I start to miss that bad place that i have been in so many times before.

Or another scenario is i will be in a public place (or anywhere for that matter) and this first thing i will notice about any girl is their legs.Whether they are bigger or smaller and just confirming the idea on how fat i am. It never stops. I am always always always comparing myself to others…

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