Girls only :P

as I’m on my ‘girly time’ at the moment, I struggle a bit. I know it’s normal to be a little bit heavIer and maybe bloated during that time due to the (I think it’s called liked that, correct me if I’m wrong) water retentions, but I still tend to struggle with that. Also binge cravings are normal but… You probably know how I feel. 

Actually it is good that I have my period, I lost it twice but since I am weightrestored my body recovered quite good. And maybe you remember that one of my reasons for recovery is the wish to have kids in the future. They need a strong healthy mom. 

So how do you guys deal with that? Any ideas how I could make myself feel a bit better? 

(I splitted todays posts into 3 parts because they are completely different topics and I thought shorter texts would be better to read 🙂 ) 



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