B/P – the most effective way to kill confidence

(Sorry for the absolutely off topic article pic! I just had nothing better xD) Binging and purging is the worst thing you could do from my point of view. It kills every tiny rest of self-respect. First you lose control and then make yourself throw up because you have such a huge amount of selfhate inside. This is horrible. Those who have experienced it know that. And it’s EXTREMLY dangerous for your body.ย  I really want to fight it. And today I’m 35 days purgefree :)) I’m kinda really proud :)) ย  But I still struggle with binging. Way too much. It’s a miracle, I should be way chubbier than I am from the amount of food I eat. (Maybe I’ll once post a pic of me, not sure yet, what do you think?) But somehow my body does only put on a certain amount of weight very fast and then I’ll keep that weight.ย ย Well, might sound like I’m lucky but I still feel very bad after binging. This morning I found some ideas which could probably prevent binges. I thought I could share them with you ๐Ÿ™‚ : ย ย 


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