Another Stolen Text :P

Another recovery-blogger I follow has published a great, well reflected text about the variety in reasons and symptoms eating disorders have. This is the quote (my own thoughts follow below) :

“Doing talks to spread awareness of the truth behind eating disorders has brought me to the conclusion that if they are anything at all they are complex. There is no simple cause and effect like many illnesses but instead an entanglement of factors and symptoms that is individual to everyone. {…} But no matter the individual cause it is never a style or life choice. It is not a fad or a fashion statement. It is definitely not a diet plan and we need to stop thinking of it as one.

Eating disorders are illnesses, mental disabilities that create pain and anguish for not only the patient but for their friends and loved ones too. They should be treated with compassion and understanding.”

(Stolen from the amazing 🙂 )

Not every anorexic doesn’t eat all day and not every bulimic binges on peanut butter. Eating disordered people are so different from each other, in behavior, shape and personality, but they have one thing in common: this mean little voice telling them that they are worthless. And thinking about food all the time.  And for all of them is it hard to recover. But remember: No matter how hard it may be – it will be worth it!


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